The weather is getting colder.DO YOU HAVE A FOG FREE HELMET?

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The weather is getting colder.DO YOU HAVE A FOG FREE HELMET?

Postby Jason@STG » Tue Nov 16, 2010 11:29 am

Scorpion's fog free coating is some of the best in the business, and you get a huge value at some of the closeout pricing we have here. Best bang for your buck out there, and this isnt just some cheap helmet. We all trust these helmets not only on the street but also the track. Every employee here has ridden a scorpion lid on the track and we all love em.

Call me at Ext. 210 and pick up a Scorpion and never worry about fogging your visor again!

Exo-700 "Scorpion Red" for $99!!!! Yes this sick graphic is only a hundred bucks! Other colors available too!


Exo-700 Rivet Silver for $79!!!! Crazy value on a previously $229 helmet!


Exo-400 Dogfight for $59!!!! Seriously, a helmet that I trust on the track for $59!

Jason Cloonan
Sportbike Track Gear
Call me: 888-784-4327 Ext. 210
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