How do i change my headlight bulb?

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How do i change my headlight bulb?

Postby slug » Mon Oct 04, 2004 9:10 pm

Well, here it is.

first get yourself a good high-quality H4 halogen bulb.

WARNING: touching the glass envelope of the bulb may lead to premature bulb failure, including bursting. If in doubt as to whether you touched the bulb envelope, always use an alcohol wipe to clean it before placing the lamp in service

Next: reach in front of forks, and remove the plug for the headlight bulb. it's the only plug that is facing forwards, 3 wires

Remove the rubber boot. this may require some tugging.

From right side of bike, turn handlebars all the way right

Reach in and *gently* press the metal clip towards front, and up. rotate the clip towards the left side of the bike. GENTLY.


this will release the bulb. extract old, broken, worn out, non-bright bulb. Discard per local disposal ordinances.


Insert new, clean, non-fingerprinted high quality H4 bulb in to the reflector assembly.

Rotate the clip back over the bulb. press the clip towards front, and down to lock it in place.

Replace the rubber boot. make sur eyou press it in tightly.

Plug the wire back in to the bulb. Voila!! all done :)
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