What is the "Gap Meet"?

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What is the "Gap Meet"?

Postby thesnowgod » Sun Jul 02, 2006 11:13 am

The "Gap" is short for Deals Gap or more affectionately known as the Tail of the Dragon. A heavenly road consisting of 318 curves in 11 miles. Starting in 2003, YZF600R.com members make the annual trek there to get together, chit chat and of course.... RIDE! You can find plans for the annual event in the EVENTS forum.

The meet is now dedicated in loving memory of Ron "Cyclenerd" Paulsen, a well respected member of not only this forum but many motorcycling sites online who lost his life in 2003 not long after the very first meet.

Interested in more details? Read on:

We try our best to stay together throughout the weekend and usually have a group ride through the "Gap" Saturday morning. We stay here:
http://www.ironhorsenc.com Wonderful place and the owners are great people who take good care of us.

You'll also find many photographers along the "Dragon". They hang out on the corners and take pictures all day long. Usually within a few days the photos are online for you to view and purchase. Here's a short list of the many folks you'll find there:
http://www.killboy.com <- Daryl and the gang are the best out there. They support the area, help keep the Gap safe and take amazing pictures. I really like these guys. Some of their vidoes are wild too.

Plans for the next years event start as soon as the current year ends. We work hard to make the event a little better (and bigger) each time. I really hope you join us and if you have some suggestions, let's hear them!

The next time you feel we're "too preachy" in here, do me a favor and call the familes of the people in my signature. Make sure you tell them that too. Then close your browser and never come back here again.

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