Project V7MW WERA bike

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Re: Project V7MW WERA bike

Postby carboncat » Thu Nov 21, 2013 8:29 pm

I could care less about the money, my wife and kids go with me to the track for the weekends and we camp , my dad and brother also come to the race every round so it's a really good way to hang with everyone', sure I could change things to keep costs down but meh, bills are payed still Saving money, u only live once :)
I got 3 sponsors this year so next year things will be much cheaper
munch wrote:i would say ditch the kid and come to the gap because usually the kids dont want to be embarrassed by their parents but you're prob such a cool pops that you'll be passed out on a sorority house lawn, naked, with fridge magnets stuck to the pins in your ankle and a couple hotties snorting blow off your chest. who wouldnt want a father like that to join them on the start of their college edumacation :cheers
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