Track day workout tips?

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Track day workout tips?

Postby Insulinboy » Tue Jan 21, 2014 9:38 pm

Okay, so I'm overweight.. by about 80lbs right now :( for those that remember me from the 05 meet I'm about twice the man I once was :( I need to start exorcising and being able to still fit into my leathers by the time track season starts is a good motivator. I have a size 48 set and a size 50 set and I'd like to get back into the 48's comfortably so I have room for a GOOD spine protector in the 50, or even where the 50 was a tad loose and the spine protector fits in the 48.

My question is this, I noticed after a day in the mountains transitioning from corner to corner my legs got VERY tired VERY quickly (and I have a bad hip on my left side which doesn't help either, I take left handers much slower than rights because I just cant get off that side of the bike properly anymore) Are there any exorcises that you track junkies like to do that help with the jello leg feeling and some upper body exorcises you like to do as well to help with arm pump (I know this is more of an issue with off-road than on road, but still) I'm looking for a treadmill on the cheap because I know I could spend some time in the garage on that every day and it wouldn't bother me but I don't like just walking outside because.. well its Georgia and I don't like bat wings while I'm jogging, it gets uncomfortable :lol
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Re: Track day workout tips?

Postby ptrimby » Wed Jan 22, 2014 12:26 am

Insulinboy wrote: I need to start exorcising

Time to whip that devil outta ya! :evil:
Cardio stuff - nothing like a mountain bike or a treadmill...but hell, even jumping jacks and burpees will get your going. Not sure about burpees or running if your hip is acting up though! Bikes are good cardio, indoor sucks unless you've got something good to read, but even a cheap mountain bike will get you in the woods huffin'/puffin'. And not :pimp.
I am 100% serious about this. Give Yoga a try - look for a "intro" or "restorative" class. Blah blah blah I'm too macho... not at all. It's all about stretching and strength all at the same time. It is extremely good if you have some hip stuff going on. A serious "don't knock it until you try it" from me. If you can afford to go to a few classes to get the gist of it, go for it. Otherwise, check out intro/restorative vids on youtube (though then you won't have a teacher helping you...). It's not chanting and meditation, the ladies have made it into some weird awesome combination of strength training at the limit of your stretchiness - which has made every ache I've ever ditcheb (sp) about go away. It's pretty epic.

For what you say about corner/corner stuff, legs hurting, do some lunges. Make sure your knee that is in front never crosses in front of your toes, though. You can blow out your knees that way. Keep your hips square so you stretch them out at the same time.

As far as arm pump, work out your core. Yeah crunches and bicycle-crunches are decent, but the biggest thing is your back. Lay on your stomach, then breathing in and tightening your core, pull your upper body and legs up off the ground. Arms toward your ass at first, then out sideways if that's not enough. Then in front of your if you need more. Just make sure you always pull your shoulder blades together so that you don't strain your neck.

Another good one for arm pump is to do a plank (the up part of a push up), then pickup one arm and rotate your whole body so you sort of make a cross laying on it's side (one arm almost straight up in the air, in-line with the one touching the ground). Keep alternating. You can throw in a push-up in the middle if you want more. Uses a ton of core muscles.

Here's another one that'll help everyone a ton on the moto - it's from horseback riding. Serious quad and ab workout -- Kneel straight up, with the tops of your feet against the ground, you're sort of standing on your knees. Put your arms out to the side, then reach back and touch your left and to your left heel, or further to your toes if you can. Then come upright (use the abs/quads). Then with your right hand/right heel. If you need more, you try doing it with your arms staying in line with your shoulders.
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Re: Track day workout tips?

Postby henks » Wed Jan 22, 2014 12:00 pm

Legs, core, cardio.

After the 5 hour endurance last year my arms weren't all that sore, even. Tired, yes, but a day later it was my legs and lower back that killed.

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Re: Track day workout tips?

Postby Reserector » Wed Jan 22, 2014 12:57 pm

When not riding, have someone put splints on your elbows. Guarranteed weight loss. :jester
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