June 15th @ Little Tally

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June 15th @ Little Tally

Postby Insulinboy » Thu May 29, 2014 9:10 am

It will be the SV's Maiden voyage (though I've contemplated taking the VTR instead) Just figured I would post up in case anybody else wanted to go. I will be running Novice as I'm a slow poke, but I have a lot of fun. Unfortunately my hip bothers me too much to keep proper foot position when going fast and they black flag you for not having proper foot position. So I have proper foot position but it hinders me from moving around on the seat too much so I go slower than most :) god is it a blast though.

The people doing the trackday

(just call the shop and let them know you're interested. Its posted on facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/events/715585198499465/ )

and you can find info about the track here

Its about half the price of any other track to go to little Tally so it makes it MUCH more affordable. And this is going to be a family event. They are going to do a big cookout for lunch with hambergers, hot dogs, ect for all but they are going to charge a $5 gate fee for everyone not racing to help offset the cost of lunch. Should be a great way to spend Fathers day ;)
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