Aerostich Roadcrafter

If you care about looks, forget it. Suit makes you look like you are dressed for snow days. In hot weather (over 80-sorry guys its cali ) suit does get warm but ventilation under the armpits works very well. (Just watch out for the bees). Cold weather ( cali cold, 20 degrees) still very nice with simply a light sweater underneath. Also very waterproof during the rainy season as I just found out. On the positive side, very comfortable, very well made (custom fit), and from appearances very durable (compared to a frank thomas POS jacket). Is also quick on/off, perfect for the commute. Is it worth the 800 bones you will pay? Depends on what you will use it for. I use it for school (pants unzip and stash in my messenger bag easily), commuting to work (downtown SF), and casual riding. For all that its DEFINITELY worth the cash. If you want textile, spend the cash for the stich. I WILL spend another 800 and buy another one if this ever falls apart. I like it that much! - coondog88

Aerostich Cortech

I've got about 33,000 miles and 3 1/2 years on my Tour Master Cortech jacket/pants combo. It is comfortable over a pretty wide temperature range, but gets nasty hot in high temperatures, particularly at low speeds. There is not much ventilation available. After a couple of years of use and occasional trips through the washing machine the jacket is nowhere near as waterproof as it was when new. Water migrates right through the fabric at the breast panels. Of course, that might not be as big a concern to you, living in the Mojave, as it is to me, living west of the Cascades. The pants drooped at the waist until I installed some red suspenders and now they stay in place nicely. Note that this combination does not include a zipper to join jacket to pants and is therefore more likely to expose bare skin in a slide. I have never tested the crashworthiness of the outfit. Lots of pockets -- that's good. The Aerostitch suits are more waterproof than the Tour Master. I am impressed with the quick on/off of the one-piece suit. If I wanted a riding suit to wear over street clothes while motorcycle commuting I would definitely go for the Roadcrafter. The Aerostitch suits have large reflective panels. The only bad thing I've heard about Aerostitch is their difficulty in custom-fitting their garments. It is common for customers to complain of having to return their garments multiple times for custom fitting. - cyclenerd