AGV Demon Top Vent

* Price
* Breath Deflector built-in (Great for colder weather)
* Very low at-speed turbulence. Never feels like it's pulling off my head!

* New visors are ~$60
* Wish I shelled out the extra money for a removable liner, I'm gonna use this helmet for a long time!

Submitted by: Buzzliteyr

AGV X-Vent

I own two X-vent's. One has been crash tested and is now a reminder not to hit the brakes in a turn. It held up very well in a fairly fast lowside. Took the impact well and actually very little damage during the rather long slide. Fit is tight but comfortable once broken in. Very quiet helmet. Good venting. Only problem, which is very minor. When putting it on it folds the tips of my ears down. Easy to fix by poking a finger in there to unfold the ear. These helmets are well worth that tiny effort.

Submitted by: Graham