Alpinestars Effex

My Alpinestar boots held up GREAT! I never got a drop of water in them the entire time. (this was during a trip in pouring down rain - snowgod) My feet never got tired or numb. I also walked around all day without any problems or walking funny. Needless to say, I am most impressed with them. - Penguin0600

I love mine. - YZFlightning

Alpinestars S-MX



LOTS of protection, comfy after a few rides.

+ lots of protection. ankle well covered, and protected from twisting and over extending
+ well secured to foot, inner lace, outer zipper, and lock around calf area
+ well padded inside

- lots of protection, limits movement a bit.
- started squeaking in the joint at ankle, don't notice when riding though
- lots of fasteners, takes a bit to get on/off

Alpinestars Stage Gore-Tex

With over 30,000 miles on my Alpinestars Stage Gortex boots, I am very satisfied. The boots are comfortable for riding AND walking, and they are genuinely water proof. - cyclenerd

Alpinestars Ridge

I just bought a pair of the Ridge model and was pleasantly surprised that they have the width I need for my feet. I'm at least an E width, maybe more.
For comparison, my last pair of street shoes were Dockers leather, size 11 and they pinch a little on the widest part of my right foot. The Alpinestars are size 11-1/2 (Euro 46) and with a regular sock they have lots of wiggle room and no pressure points. -Charlie R.