Bridgestone BT010

I've used Bridgestone BT010 and 020's. Both were extremely good, 020 has harder wearing centre. -StanTheBiker

I was using the 207's for years but switched to the 010's there the Spring, MUCH BETTER TIRE! -IcEyZf

I'm on rear Bridgestone 010 number 4. I'm very happy with them. - YZFJeff

I would stick with the 010's ... excellent grip but it depends what you're driving style is like ... tyre wear is a thing to consider, if you're making a lot of km's (or miles for you US guys ) then the 020 would be a better choice. -martijn106xsi

I have been using BT020 front & rear for the last 20000 miles and have just replaced the front only with BT010 and the combination is excellent. really responsive stearing thanks to the 010 and keep the longevity in the rear (whilst keeping high levels of grip) with the 020. I would recommend it to everyone! -Yzftat

Bridgestone BT020

BT020 on both [front and rear tires], I love them, great traction, they take a while to heat up but once they do, there as good as the BT010's IMO. I did a track day with the BT020's and didn't have any problems with them, especially when they are designed for more of a "sport touring". - crammer1977