D&D Slip Ons

Pros:Looks flashy, get looks from people of all ages.

Cons: Those looks may be undesired considering the volume of the unit.

The Bottom Line: Get this if you like loud loud LOUD exhaust for no particular reason. Don't get this if you like to avoid getting dirty looks from people.

Full Review: I got my 2000 yzf600r off ebay about 3 weeks ago. It came with this D&D exhaust already installed on it. I didint have any clue what the bike felt like without the D&D exhaust, nor sounded.

**Sound**: The sound of this exhaust is too loud. I could BS and say it depends on the person, but i can't honestly see anyone enjoying how loud this slip on is. If you'll notice, the muffler can itself is not much bigger than the piping that it attaches to, which means it can't really do that great of a job at muffling. The exhaust is really loud in first gear just cruising through the parking lot. The only time i seem to like the sound is when im going through tunnels at about 6 or 7 grand. When warming up your bike at 8am or sitting at a stop light however, its just too damn loud. Not only that, but the can in my opinion is too small and wussy looking.

**Looks**: I'll admit, the chrome look is way cool on new bikes, but somewhat difficult to keep clean because of streaks and dirt splotches. The can is very small (little larger than the girth of your average sized baseball bat). -deftdrummer