Draggin' Jeans

Hey all, Mike here (Red Dragon on the forums)
I just thought I'd toss in an excelent word about "Draggin' Jeans" from Fast Company www.dragginjeans.com
I have friends that work for the company, and own several pair myself and couldn't be more pleased with them. In-case youre unfamilliar with Draggin' Jeans, they are blue jeans that are lined with Dupont Kevlar in the seat area, and arround the knees. They are as comfortable to wear as normal jeans, but will save your hind-end (literally) if and when the time comes! I wear them on the ride to work, and then wear them all day at work. Thank the lord above, but so far I haven't been in a situation where Ive needed them, but have heard from SEVERAL whitnesses that have been wearing them during an unforseen incident, and walked away when they should have had AT LEAST years worth of skin grafts instead! Check out their site. I usually get mine as "Factory seconds", which might mean that they have a tiny pick in the blue jean material or something, and I save a few of those hard earned dollars that way. Anyway, Draggin' Jeans! They're a good thing!