Dunlop D 207

I've been using 207's and have never had a problem w/ 'em. From sweepers to switchbacks, twisties to hairpins. The 207's have held great! - LazloinAZ

I replaced the stockers on my bike with D207s and loved them. Unfortunately I do alot of commuting and I take off from a dead stop like a nut so I think something a little harder in compound will be better for me personally. I seriously considered something like the ME Z4 and may again.- thesnowgod

I run a few miles around town and some twisties on the week ends. I would wear the sides off before touching the middle of the tires on a 207 or alike. To add I low sided my bike on some twisties with 207's last year. - willer5


Dunlop D 208

I tried out some Dunlops, Melters (Metzelers) and some buttcrax (Battlax) on the GSF400N before choosing the one for my YZF. The Melters held up but felt weird. The Battlcraps are definitely not for anymore than snapping around on a smaller bike. (which is why I left them on the GSF. More milage for less money on a decent tire.) In the end, I went with the Dunlop 208's on the YZF. I love them to death. A very sticky, very even tire. Track pavement loves these tires as well as the country roads for testing your skrillz. -Dylan F.