Fieldsheer Titanium Air Jacket

I own a Fieldsheer Titanium Air textile jacket. This jacket is the extreme! Full upper body armor, metal plating in arms and shoulders, double-padded bracing in the back, velcro wrist and collar closures, adjustable waist with
zippered tabs for attaching riding pants. It's also perforated for warm weather rides. This jacket is extremely stylish, comfortable, offers very good durability and protection and the Fieldsheer badges on the sleeves is even
reflective for added safety. And best of all.......this jacket is under $100! Definitely worth a look at the very least. -Jon (VUSandman7788 on the forums)

I too have a the Fieldsheer titanium air jacket (and pants). The price is right, $172- for the set at !!! This suit is 2 piece with a short zip together in the back. Take into account that the jacket has soft armour in the shoulders, back,and elbows, the pants have C/E armour in the knees and hips & soft armour at the shins. The design is nice, it is cool in the hot weather and certainly better protection than jeans and a t-shirt, but I doubt it would survive a get off. The velcro is cheap and will need to be replaced very soon after purchase but this is easy to do. For the price I recommend it highly, take note that the pants will not fit over anything of substance, so this is NOT an overpant. - StillSkiFast

Fieldsheer Mach 2 Polytitanium Mesh Jacket

I just bought a FieldSheer Mach 2 Jacket and Riding pants. The quality is better than Joe Rocket and the price is a whole lot more affordable. For what I would have just got a nylon mesh jacket with Joe Rocket, I got a leather padded with armor jacket with Fieldsheer. It is really comfortable and cool. - J Bowden