I got the handystands deal for $99 plus shipping. They work great. Very easy to put both wheels up. I've heard some people had some trouble at first with them, but I didn't, and I had never used stands before that. -tdah73

I love Handy Stands. - YamahaBillDo

I own the stands from Handy Industries and for the money, it's an "only because I should" thing. The rear stand is fine with the rubber pads but the front stand is the pits. It took me and my friend about 5 attempts to get it just right. Once you have it on there, it should be fine. Honestly, if you are willing to pay more for quality, don't get these. If your goal is minimum price for functionality, these are the stands you want. I had my bike up on them last winter for about 4 1/2 months and it was fine. - Felix

I just got my new Handy stands and so far they work well. They're awfully handy! (yuk yuk) My overall take on them is that they are medium duty. I don't think they'd stand up to constant use and abuse but they're nice to have around the garage for maintenance etc... The front stand is a little bit of a chore due to the fork pins being about a quarter inch too short. -DTG