Icon Aggressor

I noticed this helmet while browsing through the gear section of Motorcyclist. They seemed to think fairly highly of it, plus it was a great ooking helmet at a great price ($150). The Aggressor fits very snug around your head, and is lighter than the HJC CL-12 (my previous helmet). The ventilation is great, on the outside of the chin bar there is a slot you can open and close to let air run up to the inside of the visor. On the inside, there are two vents on the left and right side, and a valve can be rotated to control how much airflow you want. The coolest part? A vent on top of
the helmet that raises up with the push of a button :) and then clicks closed again.

The Ride: I immediately noticed my peripheral vision was increased dramatically. Compared to the HJC CL-12, I felt like I could see twice as much as before. And with the bright colors mixed on this helmet, I'm sure
I'll be much more visible to other motorists now than with my solid black one.

The only complaint I have is the visor unlock mechanism. There are no screws to remove the visor, but the locking mechanism is so tight, it feels as if the plastic piece may snap. They would have done better to replace this small piece with a metal one.

Overall Rating: 8/10 - Icon is a new company, with some great products (check out their armored jeans), and I've got a pair of the Tarmac gloves on order... ICON - Brian 'AfterShock' P.