As some of you may know, I've been planning some mods, paint ideas, etc to do to my next Cat. Well, this paint job was one of them. Tom (Yzfor1 on the forums) stole my idea right out of my head and applied to his flawless '98 model bike. The mods consist of an in-your-face Chrome Illusion paint job, a D&D exhaust pipe, dark smoked windscreen, carbon fiber gas cap cover, flush mounted front and rear carbon fiber turn signals and an RK chain with RK front and rear sprockets. His attention to detail is immaculate as he even polished all the fairing bolts, screws and nuts! He's not stopping there either. The future calls for a fully polished frame, swingarm, generator cover, transmisson and front sprocket cover. Can't wait to see it.

**Update** Well, Tom's been at it again. He's spent a "little" bit of time polishing his beauty and making it just gleam. Everything that could be polished was. How long did it take him? How about a week and a half...six hours each day! That's dedication to your work! In addition to the shine he's removed the rear fender, chainguard and even the rear handles. To complete the look, he's added the single seat cowl on the back end, painted Chrome Illusion to match of course.

I think it turned out so good that one of these pics has become my desktop wallpaper. Very nice work Tom.

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