All stockFront sideModified and looking good

This is Kevin's (Woodrider on the forums) 1998 Black Cat. The first shot is how it looked right after he bought it and the last picture is how it sits now. Knowing he already had a good thing, he kept the mods clean and simple to make just a bit better. Starting at the back of the bike he swapped out the black stock can for a Micron. Not wanting the pipe to just look and sound good, he also went with a re-jet as well as a K&N filter to get he most performance from it. Looking at the seat, you'll see the popular seat cowl for that solo seat/racer look. Next up, he needed to get the power to the ground as best as he could so he also threw on some D208ZRs as well as a shift kit. All that power and good looks won't do any good if you can't hang on so he also slipped on some nice matching ProGel grips.