The "old" bikeBackside

Tank pad

This is our man Martijn's old Cat. He bought it in 2000 as a '96 model with 24000km on it. He rolled on a total of 11000km on it ... but crashed it twice (see his web site for the whole story). Sharp eyes may notice that this is the very same bike in the banner of the main site.

All new

Don't try this at home!

Here is his newest ride. A super clean '02 model that had only 7300km on it when it got it. His mods so far have consisted of the ever popular rear seat cowl as well as some nice clear brake and turn signal lenses. He's also planning on adding a Laser Duotech alloy slip on.

It's through Martijn's help that this site looksso good. You really should check out his own site though. Click the license plate below. ;o)

Click here to see Martijn's site.