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Pictured is a bike so clean, so nice you'd swear it was stock. It had to bought like that, right? Wrong.

What you see is a 2001 black Cat but with some very subtle mods that were well done. Looking at the bottom of the fairings you'll notice they've been painted black to match the rest of the plastics. The repaint is smooth as glass and it matches perfectly; that's not easy to do with black but Mike pulled it off. To accent the new paint, the stock graphics wouldn't do. Rather than pimp it out with odd decals, Mike invested in a sweet Tapeworks graphics kit that matches the stock theme but in a nice silver/grey/graphite color combo. Completing the looks he's trimmed the rear fender and tucked in the taillight.

To keep tabs on his speed, or speeding for that matter, Mike added a Sigma BC800 computer and tweaked the speedo needle spring to make it much more accurate. Finally, while riding he knows his chain will be in perfect shape thanks to the installation of a HawkeOiler.

Very well done Mike.