front side view


I like a modified bike. I can't help it. To me, stock just isn't fun. I get especially interested in modifications that are done in such a way that you need to really know what you are looking at to tell anything has been done. This seems to be how Eric is with his 1999 Blue and White model Cat. Sure, the nice Yoshimura RS3 full exhaust shows up fine. To compliment the pipe he added a Factory jet kit and K&N air filter but what about the Fox Twin Clicker rear shock? Look close, it's there. How about the RaceTech fork job? Well, I can only guess Eric himself gets to notice that one. To add some more looks to the well done and yet understated mods he's also added an LP smoke windscreen and LP short stalk rear turn signals To keep the tank in perfect facotry shape he threw on a ProGrip clear tank pad and once the whole bike is off and rolling, everyone else gets a view of the Clear Alternatives clear tail light lens.

Of course, he's not done. Next up is either a tuck job on the stock tail light or a conversion to an R6 undertail and tail light.