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Some people just seem to understand. Take TJ (TJSupercool on the forums) as a good example. He went out and bought a nice Sport Touring model bike and actually does sport touring with it! Imagine that? On the left, you'll see his Cat all stripped down and ready to rip the roads of his home land in Trondheim, Norway. In a few minutes, you get the bike on the right, all set for some nice long tours in the saddle. Accenting the bike nicely along with the touring gear is a sweet sounding Micron pipe.

Not only is TJ a nice example for the pics of his bike, he's also a good example to new riders. You see, he is also a faithful riding instructor for 15 year year old students just starting out on two wheels!

Nice bike! And he's not done. He's considering adding a custom undertail and front blinkers.

**Update** For those of you emailing me and asking about his choices in luggage and where to get them, I'll lt TJ tell you himself:

"My touring equipment:

1 Kappa topcase K48 (48 L.) Mounted on the back of the bike.
This model is really great for that extra luggage I need when I drive home
for summer vacation. It`s a 1000 k. ride one way, so I have to carry my
entire wardrobe for the summer in there. :-) It has a lot of room, and is ideal for a short trip to the grocery store as well! I also have the backrest, and my girlfriend says it`s a great support when we ride together. It can also hold an extra helmet! I think you can install a brake light in the back of the box, but I haven`t done that. I normally ride with my box dismounted. It comes off in 2
seconds, so it is easy to switch between having it mounted or not. Here is a link to KAPPA:

Mine is the K48 displayed on the top of this page:

1 Tank protector

Really gives the bike a "raw" look in my opinion! It gives the tank a rounder/smoother look, which I really like. Makes the tank look bigger and thus the bike too! It`s really good to have your private parts resting
against leather, rather than hard metal for those hard braking exercises..
:-) It feels "warmer", and it protects your paintjob, making the "look" of
the bike last longer (Part number 1317B On the Bagster homepage after selecting Yamaha 1997 YZF600R)

1 Bagster tankbag.
(Part number 803D1) Capacity : 30 L. 1 harness, rain cover,gusset. Sweet for
keeping tools in! Have to carry some tools with me when I`m out riding as an
instructor for the moped gang. (I also keep an extra communication set in
there as a spare.) Often a clutch handle or a mirror on one of the mopeds
needs adjusting, or someone has to tune the carburator. Keep my portable CD player in there too! (Good to have music to listen too when you are on a 14 hour haul...) I also like the plastic "lid". It enables me to always display a map over the route I`m driving. Especially handy for those long hauls of mine in the summer. Good to know how far it is to the next gas station when you are crossing the arctic circle, and moving into the northern parts of Norway. Gas stations are few, and far apart in some areas up there...
The rain cover is a neet invention! It folds out from a pocket in the bottom
of the bag. Open a zipper, pull it out and put it on! The tankbag is also very easy to put on and take of. Couple of seconds here
More on Bagsters home page:

So all in all I have a "luggage capacity" of 78 L. And with some carefully
planned packing, I find that it is more than enough space! :-)