Before Dale's custom treatment

Nice!!!Polished and ready to ride!

After recieving Dale's (db_CAT'02 on the forums) pictures I couldn't help but admire his work. It's not overdone, it looks just perfect. Then I read the rest of his email to find out he credited most of the work to this very site. He mentioned the modifications section of the forums specifically for his knowledge and ideas. Excellent!

The mods out back include the polished Yoshi pipe, hacked rear fender and even a tuck of the factory taillight. Working towards the front, he's added a chrome tank pad, Pro Grips and flushmount front signal lights. Last but not least is the very well done polish job he did on the rims and the bar ends. Personally, I think the black and chrome on the bike combined with the polish work on the rims is a perfect balance. Nice '02 Cat Dale!

After asking Dale just how he did the nice polish job on the rims he responded with the following:

For removing the paint on the rims, I used AirCraft Remover purchased at AutoZone, a paint stick to rub off the paint, and Mother's aluminum polish. Be sure not to forget quality Masking Tape to tape off the areas where you want to keep the paint. It took a full day to complete. As for the bar ends, I poured the aircraft remover in a glass cup then dipped in the bar ends. The paint pretty much fell right off. I just used a napkin to wipe off the rest. You need gloves to do this of course.

The problems with the bar ends is that as soon as they get wet or any kind of moisture they begin to rust. I have been using a dremel tool with the polishing instrument to keep them nice and shiny.