Smashed and sadCrunch

New backsideGo towards the light

All new againReborn

Take a look at the top two pictures. What do you see? Is it what once was or what could be? If you think like Mike (or me for that matter) you see what could be.

Not to be distracted by the damage the prior owner subjected the once beautiful bike to, Mike bought it, brought it home, fixed it and made it his own.

The 2002 was not only fixed, it was modified to his liking as well. Up front, he added an HID headlight system for super night vision, a ZG windscreen and some flush mounted signals. Moving back, but not seen in the pics are a set of white face gauges, and a new set of sprockets in the 14/49 combo. Out back he finished the looks off with a tucked UFO LED tail light kit, a Pyramid Plastics seat cowl and a sweet sounding Yoshi RS-3 pipe.

The paint is all new and the graphics are a custom one off set made by Accent Graphics in Hildebran, NC. If you find yourself in the Hickory, NC area Mike would like to invite you for a ride. You can reach him by clicking here.