Here's another guy a lot like me. What you see pictured is the result of plenty of hard work. Done by got_yzf. What was once a wrecked Cat has become this perfectly smooth custom bike. Rather than junk it, he fixed it all up starting with the paint first. The stock red, white and black was removed and replaced with gun metal gray and fireman red. Keeping things neat and tidy are the LP flushmounts and short stalks front and rear. To lose some weight and add some killer looks, every fastener he could get his hands on was removed and replaced with titanium ones. He also inserted some mesh screens, replaced the stock pegs with racy aftermarket units and even used Dezus fasteners on the plastics to make removal a quick effort. Out back this Cat is all business as well with a Sebimoto racing tail and a howling Vance and Hines SS2r pipe. Coaxing a little more power out of the otherwise stock mill are a set of 14/49 sprockets.

To finish it all off and REALLY make it stand out from the crowd he proceeded to polish the entire frame, swingarm, heel guards, starter clutch cover, clutch cover, magneto cover, drive sprocket cover and the outer lips of front and rear wheels! Of course, as with anything this heavily modified visually, he tells me it's "only 90% finished". I can't wait to see what that last 10% consists of!