Every so often, I see a bike that just makes me stare. The longer I stare, the more things I find. If you follow this site, you'll know I've seen several hundered YZF's and have well over 120 of them featured here in these pages. This is one of the bikes that happen to stand out in my head as looking very, very nice. There isn't any one specific aspect of this bike that stands out, it's just that the whole thing looks so good. Every little detail has been perfected, polished, cleaned, modified or just plain, "made better". These pictures were sent from Encik all the way from Chojnice, Poland. What little English he was able to speak was offset by the pictures he sent. All anyone needs to know can be seen right on this page.

I could talk about the polished pieces, including the fork legs and rims. I could mention the shaved rear handles and the removal of stock graphics. I could even point out the perfectly matched paint applied to the mirrors and rear hugger as well as the chainguard and even the rims.

Instead, I'll let you look over the pictures and find all the details yourself. You don't need me to tell you how nice this bike looks do you?