Here is Bud's (BroncoHound on the forums) 2000 Cat. As you can tell, he's gone to work on it, going for the smooth and clean style. A quick glance and you'll notice the stock decals were stripped but look closer and you'll see the fun stuff. The stock turn signals were scraped for smaller clear lensed models with matching clear brake lens. The rear seat was covered with a padded solo style seat cowl and a bra was stretched on over the gas tank. To help with the engine's bark he threw on a V&H slip on pipe.

Not quite as easily seen in the pictures are the frenched red LED's in the plastic rear piece above the taillight which only comes on when the brakes are applied (he says pics ae coming soon), white LED's frenched into the rear of the passenger pegs as well as on the rear fairings of both sides which serve as turn signals. Judging from the pics he's a happy guy ;o) and he should be.

**Update** He's been at it again. The performance mods consist of a 14/50 Sprocket Specialists with 520 DiD Gold Chain conversion and a Factory Pro Shift Kit. Bud say he can't believe what a difference the new detent arm and spring made. Visual mods consist of a 01-02 R6 undertail with taillight integrator and red LED's frenched in the passenger pegs (wired in as running lights). He also painted the tail section and undertail in flat black himself.

To finish off the new face lift he added a Double Bubble Smoked Windscreen and a Held tankbag. To keep himself safe he invested in a full Alpinestars textile suit w/A-Stars leather gloves and boots. (Way to go!!) And finally, he threw in a 190W Faux HID plasma headlight bulb to light the way.