I love this bike. At first look, it's just a regular black model right? Oh, look at the splashes along the fairings and the Second Look seat skin. how about the chromed stock decals? It just makes your eyes look all over it. If you look closely you'll see the mega doses of carbon fiber bits such as front and rear flush mount turn signals, levers, triple tree cover, gas tank cover and even the bar ends.

To protect the good looks he also added frame sliders, just incase. Out back theres a fender eliminator kit and clear rear tail light lens with spinning rear light. To be seen AND heard he added air horns, strobe ligjhts and blue neons.

Not one to leave things looking dull and unfinished he polished the rear peg hangers and polished the lips on the rims.

Don't think it's all show though. The engines breathes and mixes through a Stage 2 jet kit which spins the performance sprockets and gold sport chain. Exhaling through full Hindle headers and exaust you know it's a screamer! The final touches include a double bubble winshield, Indiglow guages in dual colors and custon sport grips.