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Here is Barry (SimbaRed on the forums) extremely clean, Red model Cat. Usually the first thing people notice is the seat cowl that gives the bike a single seat look that can easily be undone if he plans to take a passenger. It's made my Pyramid and is colored to match the bike's stock red bodywork perfectly. Just under the seat cowl you'll definately notice, and hear, the Yoshi RS-3 slip on in stainless steel. To keep the rear end nice and tidy he also threw on some short stalk LP signals with carbon fiber bodies, clear lens and bright iridium blubs. Of course, the rear fender was trimmed up as well.

Moving to the front you can see the smoked Speedscreen, ProGel grips and tank protector. Finishing off the nose are a pair of LP flushmounts with clear lenses and iridium blubs like the ones out back.

Future mods should consist of a brighter headlight blub, headlight cover, new gearing, new tires and he's consdiering painting the mirrors and rear hugger red to match the bike. Can't wait to see it!