Pictured is a sweet silver and black Cat owned by Harv. As anyone who frequents this website knows, this color combo is one of my favorites and this bike in particular doesn't disappoint.

Not wanting to mess with an already great looking machine, Harv did some subtle mods to make it just a bit better. It looks like it should've come from Yamaha this way. For starters, the stock turn signals where kept in place but the amber lenses were trashed in favor these Clear Alternatives versions. The clear lenses seem to follow the silver theme nicely and they are plenty visable as they are still the stock sizes. For a bit of performance and a very nice growl, the heavy stock black can was tossed and a newer, lighter carbon fiber Hindle was slid nicely into place. The stock rims, in black, already look good but he polished the rim lips make them look 100% better.

To make sure he feels as good as he looks, he also had a custom made Corbin Gunfighter seat made up. It's my understanding that these seats feel even better than they look... and they look great! Finally, you'll notice he spent some good money on himself too. Not one to blow all his money on the bike, he also got proper gear for himself. Of course, his attention to detail continued as his protective gear also matches the bike exactly.

Very nice!