Super Shine! Front Shot
Rear View Scorpion Pipe

This is Raymond's 2002 model. You can find this nice ride out in sunny SanFrancisco CA. The list of modifications is plenty. First, it's sitting nice and low thanks to custom dog bones lowering the rear a full 1 1/4 inches while he raised the forks up in the triple clamps the same amount to maintain proper rake and trail. Once it was lowered, the kickstand had to be modified as well to fit the now low sitting Cat. Cosmetically, Raymond added a Pyramid Plastics seat cowl as well as flush-mount Graphic Art turn signals and a Lockhart Phillips smoked speedscreen. To back up the "show" with plenty of "go", a Scorpion pipe, new front sprocket and a Dynojet stage one jet kit was thrown onto the beast. For comfort as well as performance, Competition Werkes foot pegs replace the stockers up front. To keep that amazingly shiney black paint protected, IRP framesliders were added. The Black '02 is currently awaiting the addition of a Dussault undertail to spruce up the rear end. Nice job Raymond!