Lookin' good Face full of chrome
It's electric!! Zap
Ready to run Hindquarters

Every once in awhile I come across a bike that the longer you stare at it, the more you find to stare at. Rich's bike just happens to be such a machine. What started life as a plain black 2000 YZF has morphed in Rich's hands to what you see here. The list of mods include the totally amazing Tape Works chrome lightning graphics applied from nose to tail, a shiney chrome Hindle full exhaust system, LP smoked screen, tank bra and flush mounts. Look closer and you'll see the custom made grill inserts in the various vents all along the plastics too. Not satisfied with near perfection, Rich plans on adding a jet kit, Factory shift kit and even has a set of alumium rims lined up for his ride soon! (I can't wait to see those on there) All this and he tells me this is his first streetbike ever - makes you wonder what his next one will look like down the road huh? If your in or around Londonderry, NH let Rich know you saw his bike here!