Blinding Sparkle!Nice!

Pilot's view

Every once in awhile you'll find a diamond in the rough. Doyle's (DTG on the forums) '97 Blue and White is such an example. In it's previous life it saw mostly track time and had been modified as such. Wires were cut, plastics were long gone, motor was trashed and basically the bike was in need of some attention. Doyle managed to pick this bike up for a very low price and proceeded to fix it up as you see here. While some of the mods were done before he got it, many were done afterwards. The list includes: M4 FULL exhaust (no slip-on here!), Stage 1 jet kit, Ohlins rear shock, Racetech front springs, Traklock steering dampener, Carbon fiber levers, triple tree and gauge cover (bling bling!), Competition Werks pegs and fender eliminator, Graphic Arts Moto Design blue flush mounts up front (the nicest flush mounts on the planet), LP short stalks with clear lenses on the rear, Gauge Graphics white face gauges w/blue LEDs, stainless steel brake lines, NRC race covers and finally a blue neon license plate frame on the back. **whew!** Nice huh? Well, he still wasn't finished. After enjoying his ride for a short while, the engine spit up all nine of it's lives and so Doyle has had to replace it with another. Not an easy task by any means, especially when you consider he did all by himself without even the aid of a shop manual! Not bad. The original motor is also slowly being brought to life as he's rebuilding it with new rings, pistons, head and a few other internals. Always good to have a "spare" huh? He also has done a few other mods I particularly like such as wiring up the front blinkers to run as running lights as well as planning to make the rear turn signals red and have them pull double duty as brake lights as well as blinkers! I've thought of this mod in the past but he's beat me to it! Not only will it look trick, it's safer too and you gotta like that. For now he's happy with it and doesn't plan to add much more except maybe a shift kit. He's also planning a track day in July so check the forums out for updates on that as well as the bike's progress. If you're in the Houston area, hook up with Doyle and tell him you saw his bike here!