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Pictured is Burak's 2000 YZF. If you check out the forums section of the website you'll know him as Gogunbaba. As it sits in these pics, it has 6800 miles and he's loved every single minute of them. No doubt those miles will roll on quickly as this is his only form of transportation! That's right folks! No "fair weather riding" for him. He's 100% on two wheels and he seems to like it that way! Well, make that 98%, he throws the occasional wheelie now and then to keep the miles off of the front tire a little. :o) His list of modifications is tasteful and very well researched and thought out. They include: Intuitive Racing Ebony Frame sliders to match as well as protect that super clean paint job. A Two Brothers Racing C4 Aluminum Slip-On which apparently sounds as good as it looks. A Zero Gravity Double Bubble Smoked Windshield to keep the wind off his throat. A full tank bra and finally, a pair of sticky D207s to carry him deep into every corner. Not content with the current state his ride is in (are any of us?) he plans to add on a Stage-1 Factory Pro Jet-Kit to help the Cat breathe a bit deeper and a 14 tooth front sprocket for more wheelie fun.

**Update** Burak added the 14 tooth sprocket and seems to like it! Keeping the front wheel on the ground is a little harder now but he doesn't seem to mind! :o)

**Update 2** Unfortunately Burak was in a minor lowside with his pride and joy. He is fine and his bike only suffered minor scrapes. He would like to stress that his injuries were minor because he was properly dressed for the ride. He is always smart enough to wear his gear when he rides and his lack of injuries is due to that fact. To see pics of his bike, look here.

**Update 3** Recovering nicely from his lowside, he's now scrubbed his tires in pretty good and sent me some updated pics of his almost non-exsistant "chicken strips".

Gettin' leaned over. Bye bye virgin rubber.