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Eric is from Kansas City and his ride of choice is a 2001 Blue and White model YZF. He bought it slightly used with only 2,000 miles on it and had continued to add 7,500 more miles on in the next four months before the bike met it's fate in a low speed lay down. Modifications concentrated on performance and on the Cat's ability to breathe deeply. Inhaling fully with the aid of a Factory Stage-1 jet kit complemented by a K&N air filter while exhaling, with a slight scream, via an aluminum M4 slip on. A tank bra tops the looks catagory while D207s kept it stuck to the street.

**Update** Though he has nothing but good things to say about his YZF, Eric decided to try out a twin. As in the Suzuki SV650. The Cat was traded in on a brand new '03 SV. Best of luck to you Eric!