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Clear Tail Cars CAN be cool too! Trick gas cap! I can see clearly now!!


Life is full of decisions isn't it? I mean, in the driveway you've got a Lexus, a Corvette and of course, a 2001 Blue and White model YZF600R. What to do? Pictured are Jim's rides in all their glory. Mods to Jim's bike are plenty and well done too. Starting up front are some flushmount turn signals, a triple tree cover, bar ends and a gas tank cap cover, all from LP and all in carbon fiber. Also topping the tank is a Pro-Grip carbon fiber tank cover with matching Pro-Grip hand grips. The sides are tastefully flanked with custom decals made by stickercity.com which include the racy red "R"s as well as the Yamaha tuning forks logos on the bottom. Following along to the rear of the machine you'll see some gorgous clear short stalks from LP with a matching clear tail light lens with a red LED from clearalternatives.com. Finally, if the mods don't get him double-takes, the sound from the D&D slip-on certainly will! If you get a chance to see the bike sitting still for long enough you'll get to admire the smaller more subtle touches Jim has added on such as carbon fiber tape covering the chain guard and heel protectors. Finally, he completed the almost asthetically required rear fender trim work. Nice. Sadly, no one can serve two masters and so the 'Vette had to go. It doesn't look like Jim will miss it much with a bike like this though. Plus, on the rare occasions when only four wheels will do, the Lexus is sitting there waiting to roll. Ah, decisions decisions!


**UPDATE** Jim has added an incredible Graphic Art Moto Design undertail as well as some Chrome graphics. Check it out. Oh, if you'd like an undertail like this one, and I know you do, check the forums for information on where to get your own.

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