Goin' low.

Showin' the V&H

Everyone tries to make their ride a little more custom to set them apart from the others. Some make mods just to look different while others actually make sensible mods that make the bike fit themselves better. Mr. "X" did both with his 2001 blue and white model. The most obvious modification was the lowering job. At 5'2" he needed his Cat to lie a little lower so he added longer dogbones and shaved the seat foam a bit to get the right stance. All told, the bike now sits a full 2 inches lower to the ground. To make it look better he shaved a few stickers off here and there and added a too sweet V&H S4 slip-on. Too keep his pride and joy looking good he protected it with the addition of Lightning frame sliders and a Pro-Grip Carbon Fiber tank guard. Sure it looks good, sits low and sounds great with the slip-on but he does have a few more modifications in mind such as a Hindle full system with Stage 2 dyno jet kit as well as a custom made, one off rear seat cowl and possibly a set of R6 tail lights.