Polised and clean!Backside view

Ready for takeoffRunway pose

Nice huh?Want one?  Make it yourself!

Take a look around Ash's bike and you'll no doubt find something here and there you'll like. For starters, how about that seat cowl? Those "6R" stickers on there look nice too huh? Wanna buy one for your bike? Tough luck pal. That is a custom one off piece made by Ash himself as are the totally custom 6R decals on the cowl. It takes skill to do work like this but as an aircraft engineer, he was able to pull it off nicely. In his own words, this is how the rear seat cowl came to life:

"I brought some black stretch vinyl and reshaped the foam of the
seat then I hand formed the end of the seat with 0.32 alclad aircraft
aluminium, where the seat rises up, there is a half inch ply board that
supports the structure ,once the seat was made I then went to the auto
smash repairers and the guy matched the couloir then I played around with
decal design and when I was happy with it I cut the decals out of white
contact, the R was then sprayed silver and then they were stuck on, then I
put a clear coat over the lot the pinstripe came 6 month later."

Keen eyes will also notice the polished rims on the painted wheels, also perfectly color matched to the bike's blue paint. Let's not forget those mirrors either. They're off of a ZX9R and only took minor modifications to make them fit perfectly. To clean up the looks as best as possible, Ash also recessed the rear stock taillight so it doesn't stick out as far and then trimmed off the hooks from the underside of the rear subframe. Very nice.

**Update** As if it weren't sweet enough, Ash has done some more work to his fine ride. He's added a pair of BT010s and added a switch to the instrument cluster to turn off the dash lights while cruising during the day. Anyone who's even had to replace these bulbs knows that was certainly a smart addition!