All new and too sweet!

Shortly after Jesse (forsmann on the forums) sent me an e-mail with a pic of this stunning beauty attached, I realized love at first site is possible! Pictured is his drop dead gorgeous 2003 model in stunning silver. If you think you may have seen it before, you may have as it's also featured on Second-Look's gallery of beauties as well. Take a long look and you'll see that having a brand-new bike just wasn't enough for him. The list of mods includes: Second-look custom tank bra and seat skin, Intuitive race products frame sliders, LP flushmounts and Grab-On grips. **drool**

If you think he's done and happy with the result, you'd be wrong. He's already planning to add on to the bike's power (to keep up with it's looks) by bolting up a Hindle FULL exhaust and jet kit, 50 tooth rear sprocket and a double bubble light smoke windscreen. To make sure his pride and joy stays his, he's also going to add a Gorilla alarm system to keep the punks away.

I'm in love.



The Gorilla Alarm system has been added and has ALREADY saved the beast from falling into the hands of some scum. Money well spent I'd say! He's also added the Smoke Double Bubble windscreen aas well as a chrome Throttlemaster cruise control kit. He's still planning on the Hindle full exhaust, a brighter headlight and even plans to polish the wheels. Once the Graphic Art Moto Design undertail is finshed, he'll be adding one too!


**Update 2**

It's with a slight tear in my eye that I announce Jesse's love (as well as the vision of my dreams) has spat all nine of her lives in the street. The bike pictured above is totalled and gone. You can read all about it here.

Cue the playing of "Taps". :o(