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Bling blingAnother side shot

This is Jim's 2001 bike with a POLISHED frame. Yep, that's right folks. Like you, I thought the frame wasn't polishable but Jim proved me wrong. Before we get to that part though, let's take a look around at the other work he's done. As you can see he painted the wheels to match the frame - I REALLY like that mod - while also polishing the rims. For sound, he's bolted up a Yosh slip-on. To keep the looks going, he slapped on some LP flushmounts front and rear as well as a clear taillight and four very nice 10" blue neon tubes for that comic book hero look on night rides. The seat has been recovered and he added he headlight cover and custom tricked out Superman logo as well.

OK, now how about that frame huh? I'll let Jim tell you all about it in his own words:

" It wasn't to difficult to polish the frame. It came a silver powder coat stock. I took a little Jasco paint remover (you can buy at Home Depot) and applyed it in a small area on the frame, becuase I wasn't quite sure what was under the powder coat at first. When you apply the Jasco I let it sit for about 30 seconds and it starts to bubble, then I took some course steel wool and started to scrub off the paint. There's a primer underneth the original paint; that has to come up as well. When I hit metal I used a 600 wet grit sand paper over the entire thing, then went to a 1000 grit wet, then a 2000 grit wet. After a few laborous man hours you get a pretty good shine, but I wanted a better shine; so I pulled out my drill with a 4" polishing wheel on it and applyed some polishing rouge to it, and then used some jewlers rouge. Worked pretty well and I get alot of complements on the polishing job. It took alot of man hours but worth the effort."

I'd say so! Love that shine.