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Some people can look at something for what it is, while others see them for what they could be. Guess what type of person Kevin is?

He purchased this 2001 model as salvage with just about 500 miles on the odometer. Knowing the jewel that laid beneath, he worked all winter to get it back in shape and on the road. If you think it was just a matter of throwing on some new plastics and applying for a title, you'd be wrong. While he had a battle to get it legal and road worthy, he did get it done. He can now also take pride in the work that went in to making it look so good while prowling the streets of Boston with a big grin on his face. Modifications consist of a D&D slip on pipe which he mentions is good at doubling as a very loud horn for the cagers out there who don't know how to drive! The overly bloated rear fender was trimmed and the license plate was tucked up nice and clean under the tail light. He also added a Sigma BC800 digital computer which is soon to be mounted into the instrument cluster.

Of course, no project is really finished. Kevin plans to add clear flushmount turn signals to the front and afterwards..... who knows? If you like what you see, Kevin can be found on the forums as k21975. Feel free to tell him you like it!



Kevin decided to go all out and painted the frame black, ala 2003 R1 and added a sweet sounding (read: loud!) D&D slip on pipe. Nice work. Check it out below.



Blackened frame & D&DOtherside