Sweet side shoot

Love that hi pipe

Thankfully, more people are realizing the pre-'97 YZFs are out there and are just as much fun as their newer bodied brothers. Here is a sweet example of Dennis' (or NVME27 on the forums) 1996 YZF600R.

For power, it's outfitted with a full Leo Vince high mount exhaust system, (if anyone knows if this fit a '97 or newer, let me know!) as well as a Stage 1 jet kit, K&N filter, ignition advance unit, and he went one tooth down in the front sprocket and up three in the rear. For looks, the wheels have been painted and polished along with some other polishing here and there. To continue in the looks department, there's custom air brushing on the tail as well as neon and strobe lights for night time pimpin'.

He's also added clear flushmounts up front and tucked the rear signals into the tail fairing, while chopping off the rear fender, recovering and padding the seats for some comfort, and topping it all off with a dark smoke windscreen. To keep the bike's handling as razor sharp as it's looks, an Ohlins rear suspension and stiffer fork springs where thrown in as well.

Dennis still hasn't finished his work on the bike and is looking to dress up the tail end with an R1 series tail or possibly even grafting one off a GSXR! Can't wait to see how that project works out!