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This is my fellow New Yorker Sean's (YZFBLUE02 on the forums) 2002 Blue and White model. In these pics it's fairly stock but it didn't stay that way long. He's tastefull tricked it out front to rear, inside and out. Starting in the back he added a Yosh RS3 carbon fiber slip-on for the looks and sweet sound as well as a fender eliminator kit to rid the back end of the usless plastic Yamaha insists on putting on there. Continuing on the "clean up" of the stocker's looks, he also added some ultra nice clear turn signal light lenses to spice it up a bit. Moving on to the middle of the bike and towards it's heart and soul he threw in a shift kit for firm flawless shifts while he's rowing through the gears. Above that, a second look tank bra is snuggly slipped over the gas tank while a xenon light and more clear signals throw light ahead. Very well done. Stay tuned for the updated pics...

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