Here is Pete's blue and white model YZF. If you look closely, you'll see he painted the windescreen white after a wheelie went wrong and he got brake fluid all over the clear screen (opps). I like the look but Pete is going with a blue tinted screen shortly. He had a D&D slip on pipe but quickly found out that he enjoyed his ability to hear versus the ability to be heard so he quickly removed it. A sharp eye will notice the ppe on there isn't the stock one though. Well, it IS stock.. For an R6! Though the fit isn't perfect, he says it works. Other modifications include flushmounts up front as well as white trick tape from LP covering the headlight and even the taillight. For a little more night time visability he added a Xenon Hyper Blue light and seems to like it. Over the winter he plans on really having some fun with his bike and his credit card. Take a look at these planned mods:

Micron exhaust.
New sprocket and chain. ( 1 down in front, 2 more in back)
Sharkskinz, track style seat.
New gauges.
Shift kit.
Iginition advancer.
Frame sliders.

Possibly adding:
A jet kit, depending on the exact exhuast.
Polishing the frame.
A new sticker set from Tapeworks

I'm hoping he does them all! Stay tuned for more pics as I get them!