Dave and his rideCustom taillights

New PaintOther side

This is Dave Ks. 1997 Thundercat from the UK. Anyone from the mailing list no doubt knows him as the "Ancient One". The top pics are as he bought it in 1997, with the addition of the Micron pipe and custom tailights of course. The bottom pics are as it sits now with the custom black and liquid silver paint. Nice huh? He's run this bike hard and put it away wet. It gets ridden 12 months of the year and when it's at rest - and it over 45,000 miles, it isn't often, it sits under a tarp outside. Doesn't look it though. Mods are simple but well done. Flushmount blinkers up front and small ones in the rear, the knockout paint job, a sweet sounding Micron pipe and Raask rear sets. He assured me that regardless of the mileage, it still hauls the mail and by the way, he's personally found out the valves float at about 13,500 while racing a Firestorm ( a Honda CBR here in the States). You can check out Dave's personal website by going here.