Catching some sunFrontside

All gauges check!Bottle Fed

You aren't seeing things, this bike is bottle fed. Running the juice, the squeeze, the bottle... laughing gas. Just don't go all "The Fast and the Furious" and call it "Noss", you sound like a squid when you do. Whatever you do call it, it's fast. Chad added the big blue bottle to his 97 Cat along with a Dyna shift light, fuel pressure and voltage gauges and a Vance and Hines pipe. If you thought that ws enough, you'd be wrong. Just to make sure it lofts the front wheel everytime, he dropped to a 14 tooth in the front as well!

The NOS kit consists of 8 lines, 2 solenoids and 2 junction blocks all fitted neatly under the tank. To make sure the engine has enough fuel while laughing down the strip, Chad also threw on an extra fuel pump as well. What kinda power is it putting out? Good question. Let's put it this way; when rolling along at 70+mph in second, all it takes is a quick flick of the wrist and a stab at the bottle and the front wheel will lift quick enough to scare the life out of you! Worried about reliabilty huh? You're thinking, "He must not ride it too much." Wrong again. As it sits as of this writting, it has over 13,000 miles on it and he's run through over 8 bottles of juice and it hasn't missed a beat. Damn nice work.


**Update** Not one to sit back and leave things be (thankfully), Chad has now added a air/fuel ratio sensor with gauge. The gauge is mounted on the lower left beside the gas tank. When the ignition is off, it looks solid black. Once he fires the beast up, the gauge lights up. Very nice! He also painted and polished his rims for a really sweet and original look. Check out the newest pics below.

EGT sensor placement in exhaust pipeNice n shiney!

New air/fuel ratio gauge mounted on the lower left


**Update 2** Continuing with the flame theme, he's added some flames to the front of his bike. Looks nice but probably cost a bundle huh? Nope, just like the rest of the bike, he did this himself too.

On fireSide flames