Steve's Cat

Rupp 200DT200


Knowing full well you've got to start somewhere, Steve (599cc on the fourms) went through several bikes until he purchsed his pride and joy. At the top of course, is his pristine 2001 model in jet black. Working down, and backwards in time, is Steve on his 70's Rupp at 11 years old. Simple times back then, no gears, just fun! After that he went on to a 1974 DT200. It was to see life on the highway but at 19 years old, he was having too much fun shredding the dirt trails to even get that far. Finally, we have the faithful Yamaha TW 200, his ride for over 10 long years. Purchased when he was 21, it lead him on many memorable journeys and on to his YZF600R.