This ride belonged to Chris C. of Virgina. The mods were extensive but as you can see from the pics he went with a solo tail from Shark Skins, upgraded the front brakes with those huge fatty rotors, added steel braided brake lines, a Yosh slip-on and custom tail graphics. Sadly, this ride as it exists in these photos is no more. Chris has moved to the racier R6 and this bike was sold off to someone else after turned back to mostly stock.

**Update** Chris has sold off the R6 and jumped ship to the Honda Camp and is currently shredding on a 929.

**Update 2** The 929 is totalled. Deciding he wanted to see how life with a Twin would be, he's now got a brand spankin' new RC 51. Pics to follow soon.

**Update 3** Never one to stay out of the throttle, Chris found himself in a bit of trouble with the law and so the RC was sold to pay his fines. Don't fret, he's now the prowd owner of a 2002 R1! I don't how he does it!