Here is Bill's 2001 YZF in Jet Black. The modifications he's done are obviously extensive. Up front, he went with an LP Speedscreen, ProGrips Gel grips, Dussault front flush mounts,custom smoked out lightlid, Carbon Works triple tree cover. The gauge cluster surround is also done up with carbon fiber from Carbon Works and he added red illuminated gauges to continue the custom look at night. In the rear he added LP short stalk turn signals, a clear taillight along with 10 hyper blue LED's along with two red neon tubes. To make sure it's go is as good as it's show, a Two Brothers C-4 slip on and a jet kit were thrown into the mix as well.

The flame kit on the windscreen was from Planet Superbike but Bill didn't like the final look of it up close and so he ordered a new windscreen that is being completely custom painted the way he wants it. Pictures will follow as soon as I get them. Also not pictured is a very nice customized rear hugger complete with metallic silver flames that he did himself. Not happy with all of that, he's also looking into adding a highmount exhaust kit (!) to his bike. If he's successful, it will be the first I've ever seen on a YZF600R and I can't wait!

**Update** As promised, here is the new windscreen amd repainted rear hugger. Damn nice I think!