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BacksideSmooth Silver

You've seen them. Bikes that have been neglected or abused by their previous owners. Evidence of neglect seemingly dripping from every square inch of what was once a proud, fast and nimble bike. Maybe you've looked to buy one and said to yourself, "This one's junk. I'll pass." Thankfully Paul of Northern Ireland, doesn't think that way. Seeing the diamond in the rough, he bought this sweet '96* model after six years of use from whom ever owned it before him. He took it home and immediately went to work on making it all better again. The bike was stripped down to just about the bare frame and bit by bit, pieces were painted, cleaned, polished or replaced. It needed the usual and then some. Paul's shopping list included new brake pads, coolant, oil, filters, tires, chain and sprockets. He then had a bit of fun with it and added a carbon fiber sleeve to the poorly fitted Viper slip on and had a new connector pipe made to hold it in place properly this time.

As it sits, he's very pleased with the results and only plans to add on a few Carbon Fiber bits and some braided brake lines to slow the whole beast down. Well done Paul. Glad to see the Cat has a proper home now.


* For you confused US readers, everyone got the new body style Cat in 1996 while we had to wait until 1997.